R.M.S. Titanic – by Paul Jannetta …a painting in progress

..so here it begins… but not at the beginning….we join the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic….at the point where you can see  sky is done,

After the sky has been worked on for a few hours with a shaving brush...

...the funnels blocked in, and top decks roughly indicated

the funnels are mostly complete – apart from a few small details, These pictures show the blocking in of the hull,

...now the hull has been blocked in and the marine/cadmium darks blended......

..now the black bottom of the hull:, which is a very dark mix of  ultramarine and a dash of cadmium. It was the blending areas on the hull at the back of the ship that took any amount of time, but it was worth the effort because it really looks like the light reflected from the sea is bouncing upwards to the hull…


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